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Summer School

Summer School 2024

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School is partnered with Arrupe Virtual Summer School to offer online summer flexible remediation and Math advancement classes. Summer remediation courses are available to start on June 1st and Math advancement courses begin on June 10th. All courses end on Aug 9th.

Please note that 2nd semester grades are finalized on May 24th. Please contact your students counselor for specific information regarding the appropriate classes needed or recommended for remediation.

The form and fees are due by Friday May 31st. Once registered at SPSV, students and parents will receive email instructions from an Arrupe representative with instructions on how to begin their online class.

All Remediation Course Offerings -Flexible Delivery provides SPSV students the opportunity to work at a time convenient for them during the summer. Progress updates for students and parents will be emailed periodically throughout the summer months. The teacher's primary role is to assess student submitted work, answer questions posed by students and send occasional correspondence for student feedback.

  • $350 Flexible Delivery. The fee for summer remediation is the same for single semester courses or a full year course.

Advancement Fast Track Math: Designed for students wanting to accelerate the pace of their learning to advance to the next tier of math related classes. These courses are rigorous and require multiple hours of daily work, 4-5 days per week to be successful. Students wishing to take a Math Advancement class must have Math Department approval before registering.

  • $325 Trigonometry (1 semester only) - for students that have successfully completed Algebra II only. Advancing to H. Pre-Calculus
  • $450 Geometry (full year course) - for students that have successfully completed Algebra I only. Advancing to Algebra II.
  • $450 Honors Pre-Calculus (full year course)- for students that have successfully completed Algebra II/Trig. Advancing to AP Calculus

Summer Schedule:

  • April 8 - May 31st: Registration open for all students - No student may enroll after May 31st.
  • June 1: Flexible Delivery Remediation Courses begin
  • June 10th: Advancement Fast Track Math Courses begin
  • August 9th: All Remediation and Advance Math course end

Remediation Offerings

Algebra I: S1, S2, BothGeometry: S1, S2, Both
Algebra II: S1, S2, BothPhysics: S1, S2, Both
Biology: S1, S2, BothReligion: S1, S2, Both
Chemistry: S1, S2, BothSpanish I: S1, S2, Both
Earth Science: S1, S2, BothSpanish II: S1, S2, Both
English I: S1, S2, BothUS History: S1, S2, Both
English II: S1, S2, BothWorld History: S1, S2, Both
English III: S1, S2, Both

Advancement Fast Track Math: Starts: Monday June 10th - Ends: Friday August 9th

  • Geometry- Full year course (fee $450)
  • Honors Pre-Calculus- Full year course (fee $450)
  • Trigonometry 1 semester course (fee $325)


Students can borrow a school-issued iPad or use a personal device. Please indicate below.

  • I will need an SPSV iPad over the Summer. iPads can be picked up in the Main Office on or before June 10th.
  • I will use my own device

Register for Summer School Here