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Tuition Assistance

Access the Tuition Assistance Application Here

Select NEW ACCOUNT. Create a username and password and follow the direction

The Review Process

After you complete the application and FACTS receives all requested documents, they will contact you if they have questions. Then, they will evaluate your application and forward it to the SPSV with their recommendation. The tuition assistance committee respects the confidentiality of applicants and does not share information with others.

Given the school’s tuition assistance budget, the committee decides on a case-by-case basis whether to award assistance and, if so, the award amount based on the recommendation received from FACTS. We work diligently to collaboratively find solutions that enable your students to attend our school while minimizing the financial strain on your family. We aim to create a partnership that ensures every deserving student can benefit from the transformative experience we offer.

Notification of Awards

St. Patrick St. Vincent Catholic High School will begin making offers of enrollment and tuition assistance awards during the month of February. (Late applications for tuition assistance may cause a delay in notifications.)

Additional ways to earn scholarships and reduction of the registration fee.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Academic Excellence Scholarship, a prestigious award that recognizes and supports exceptional academic achievement.