St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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The St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School community works together to develop students into educated persons ready to lead and to serve in our world. We look for a student body and alumni community who wish to grow constantly as:

Men and Women of Character and Compassion, who

  • strive for honesty and integrity in all actions and relationships
  • respect all people as children of God
  • stand up for personal convictions
  • strive to create and sustain positive environments
  • strive to understand and care for the needs of others in all communities

Complex Thinkers, who

  • seek effective solutions to problems
  • solve problems using a variety of approaches
  • evaluate the consequences and effects of actions
  • recognize the complex nature of political, social, economic, and international problems

Effective Communicators, who

  • strive for clear and honest communication with all audiences
  • seek to organize and express ideas in a variety of ways in writing, speech, images, and actions
  • practice active listening
  • ask clarifying questions whenever necessary
  • provide valid support for their position on a topic

Quality Producers, who

  • value and practice perseverance and hard work
  • strive for accuracy and completeness in their work
  • take responsibility for all of their work and choices
  • take pride in all their work and actions
  • understand and practice effective time management skills