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Advanced Placement and Honors Program

St. Patrick-St.Vincent Catholic High School offers the following Honors and College Board approved Advanced Placement courses:

  • English: AP English Language and Composition ; AP English Literature and Composition
  • Fine Arts: AP Studio Art: Drawing ; AP Studio Art: 2-D Drawing
  • History: AP United States History; AP World History; AP US Government and Politics
  • Laboratory Science: AP Biology; Honors Chemistry; AP Chemistry; Honors Physics
  • Mathematics: AP Calculus; AP Statistics
  • World Language:Spanish III (Honors); AP Spanish Language

Why should a student elect to take an AP class?

  • AP classes provide excellent preparation for college work.
  • 75 to 80 percent of students who take AP classes are the most likely to graduate from college in four years.
  • Students can earn college credit in most colleges and universities if they pass with a 3 to 5 score on the AP Exam.
  • For colleges or universities that don't accept AP courses for college credit, students who have taken AP courses get highest preference for admission in these colleges. This is especially true for top tier universities such as the University of California, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, etc..
  • Students earn an extra grade point for taking an AP course.
  • AP courses provide rigorous and challenging curriculum for students that want to excel beyond the college prep program. There is an index by which colleges give preference to students who take AP courses for admission. First preference is given to students who take an AP class and earn a B or better and pass the AP exam with a 3 or better. Second preference is given to students that take the AP class and take the exam, regardless of the results. Third preference is given to students that take an AP class and don't take the exam. Fourth preference is given to those who don't take either an AP class or the AP exam.