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SPSV believes the arts are integral in developing students that are confident expressing themselves and creating an environment where the value and dignity of students are celebrated through dynamic experiences. As a result, the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) programs prepare young artists for rewarding careers and major areas of study include music, theater, visual arts, and ceramics.

As hands-on educators and artists themselves, our talented department leaders focus on finding and developing the God-Given talents of each student and a cultivating a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Several of our SPSV graduates have gone on to create inspiring careers as artists, actors and stage performers on college campus including UCLA and professional performances in cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

This growing department at St. Patrick- St. Vincent Catholic High School includes an outstanding roster of choral teams; instrumental performers across theater, music, and band. Annual theater productions; and numerous art classes including Advanced Placement curriculum.

The Visual Arts program includes classes for beginners in Art I through Art II Honors where students submit upwards of 17 pieces of studio-level art. In addition, we offer a series of Ceramics courses taking students through a history of ceramics with hands-on experience of ancient methods to modern wheel-thrown techniques and creating functional sets for today’s needs.

Travel Opportunities, Field Trips, Competitions, and Exhibits, are integral to all of our Visual and Performing Art Programs.