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Affording SPSV

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School has provided North Bay and East Bay families with a quality, college preparatory education for over 150 years. In addition to a rigorous academic program, SPSV provides a slate of competitive athletic teams, creative visual and performing arts classes, a strong service-learning program, and additional student leadership and extra-curricular opportunities.

We at SPSV want to provide these opportunities to all who are interested. We are also committed to keeping tuition affordable. We have partnered with educational resources and private entities in an effort to provide additional support to families in need of financial assistance.

3 for 3 Program

The " SPSV  3 for 3  Enrollment Program" is an exciting opportunity for prospective students and their families to save $300 off the regular $700 registration fee for enrollment due in March. By actively participating in three key events and taking specific actions, families will earn this substantial discount once accepted to the school.

Program Requirements: To qualify for the $300 discount off the $700 registration fee, applicants must complete the following three actions:

  1. Open House Attendance: Attend our Open House event on October 15, 2023. This event allows you to explore our campus, learn about our programs, and interact with faculty, staff, alums, current student leaders, and athletes.

  2. Entrance Exam Participation: Take our Entrance Exam on January 20, 2024. This exam assesses your academic readiness and gives valuable information for your first-year course selections. It's a chance to showcase your knowledge and skills.

  3. Bruin Shadow Visit: Participate in a Bruin Shadow Visit between September 2023 and January 31, 2024. This program allows you to experience a day in the life of a current student, attend classes, interact with teachers and staff, and immerse yourself in our campus environment. Lunch or brunch will be provided.

Additional Requirement: Besides attending the three events listed above, applicants must be accepted to SPSV and complete their registration by May 1, 2024, to secure their spot and claim the $300 discount off the registration fee.

New this year, this innovative program rewards family engagement and participation in our enrollment events. By attending events, taking the entrance exam, participating in a shadow visit, and registering on time, prospective students will see how our students learn, thrive, and succeed, plus receive a substantial discount on their registration fee. We encourage all interested applicants to take advantage of this opportunity. Open to applicants for the Class of 2028 only.

Tuition Assistance

At St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School, we understand families' financial considerations when investing in their children’s education. Our commitment to making quality education accessible and inclusive drives our tuition assistance program. SPSV uses an independent service bureau called FACTS to process tuition assistance applications, analyze the information, calculate the levels of financial need, and provide recommendations.

Complete your FACTS Application: Beginning October 1, 2023

To be considered for tuition assistance, complete the online FACTS application as soon as possible.  Allow FACTS two weeks to review your application after all required documents have been uploaded.

Access the FACTS Application Here

Select NEW ACCOUNT. Create a username and password and follow the direction

The Review Process

After you complete the application and FACTS receives all requested documents, they will contact you if they have questions. Then, they will evaluate your application and forward it to the SPSV with their recommendation. The tuition assistance committee respects the confidentiality of applicants and does not share information with others.

Given the school’s tuition assistance budget, the committee decides on a case-by-case basis whether to award assistance and, if so, the award amount based on the recommendation received from FACTS. We work diligently to collaboratively find solutions that enable your students to attend our school while minimizing the financial strain on your family. We aim to create a partnership that ensures every deserving student can benefit from the transformative experience we offer.

Notification of Awards

St. Patrick St. Vincent Catholic High School will begin making offers of enrollment and tuition assistance awards during the month of February. (Late applications for tuition assistance may cause a delay in notifications.)

Additional ways to earn scholarships and reduction of the registration fee.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Academic Excellence Scholarship, a prestigious award that recognizes and supports exceptional academic achievement.