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Graduation Requirements

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School offers a rigorous, college preparatory education with an emphasis on math, science and the humanities. Classes meet all relevant Common Core standards. AP classes are offered in the areas of English (Literature and Composition, Language and Composition), Math (Statistics and Calculus), Science (Chemistry and Biology), Computer Science, Art (Studio, 2-D and 3-D) World Language and Culture (Spanish, and French) and History (World, US and Government).

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School students can also chose from significant offerings in Visual and Performing Arts as well as Technology. Class options include Studio Production and Design, Ceramics, Art, Music (Wind Ensemble and Choir) and Theatre.


To graduate from St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School, students must earn a total of 270 credits as outlined below. Juniors and seniors must carry a minimum of 60 credits per academic year. Freshmen and sophomores must take 70 credits each year. St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School is under no obligation to accept credits from other institutions. Make-up courses (night school and summer school) must be approved. The Assistant Principal makes all final decisions concerning the evaluation of credits.

The following courses are required of all students:

  • Religious Studies - 40 credits
  • English - 40 credits
  • Mathematics - 30 credits
  • Science - 30 credits
  • Social Studies - 40 credits
  • World Language - 20 credits
  • Physical Education (including 5 credits of Health) - 20 credits
  • Fine Arts - 20 credits
  • Electives - 30 credits
  • Service Learning requirements