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Summer School 2023

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School is partnered with Arrupe Virtual Summer School to offer online summer remediation and Math advancement classes. Summer remediation classes begin and end on different dates (please see the dates below). Math Advancement courses begin on June 12th and end on Aug 11th.

Summer fees may be paid by credit card online on the SPSV website. The registration form and fees are due by Thursday, June 1st, 3pm.

Register Online Here

Once registered at SPSV, students and parents will receive instructions on how to start their Flexible Delivery or Directed Delivery online class. Students and parents will receive summer email notifications updating them of the student's academic performance and progress.

Students wishing to take a Math Advancement class must set up an appointment with Mrs. Smith by May 31st for Math Department approval.

Remediation Course Offerings (for either a semester or a year-long course):

  • $325 for Flexible Delivery (self-directed)
  • Flexible Delivery provides the greatest level of flexibility and student autonomy, though the level of support is diminished. Teacher primary role is to assess student work, answer questions posed by students and send occasional correspondence for student feedback.
  • $450 for Directed Delivery
  • Directed Delivery provides flexibility with a higher level of teacher support and a defined schedule of activities, due dates and submission deadlines.

Advancement Fast Track Math:

  • $325 for Trigonometry (1 semester only)
  • $450 for Geometry or Pre-Calculus


June 1st: Registration Ends for all courses - No student may enroll after this date
June 1st: Flexible Delivery Courses Begin
June 12th: Advancement Fast Track Math Begins
June 14th: Directed Delivery Courses Begin
August 4th: All remediation courses end
August 11th: All Advanced Math courses end

Remediation Offerings
Starts June 1 (Flex) or June 14th (Directed)
Ends: August 4th