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Parent Service FAQs

Every parent must have clearance in order to volunteer at St. Patrick - St. Vincent Catholic High School. If you have clearance at St. Dominic’s, St. Basil’s, St. Catherine’s, St. Vincent’s, Holy Spirit or Notre Dame School, please contact Mrs. Delgado to have your clearance transferred to SPSV. If you have been cleared anywhere else you will need to complete the process again in the Sacramento Diocese.

For public clearance information and necessary forms visit the Parents page here.


Driving requires the Safe Haven Course, DOJ, Proof of Insurance, current Driver's License and the completed Driver's Form.

Access the Safe Haven Course

Once you have completed the Safe Haven course you will email a copy of your Certificate of Completion to Mrs. Delgado,

In order to complete the DOJ portion of the clearance, please contact Mrs. Delgado for the application. Once you have completed the fingerprinting you will email Mrs. Delgado a copy of the completed form and receipt. You will be notified once your clearance is complete. This process can take up to (3) weeks. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Delgado,

Who may perform the service hours?

Only parents or guardians of SPSV students may perform service hours for the family.

Who will keep track of the service hours?

Parents are responsible for keeping track of their own hours on a Parent Service Verification Form and submitting it to the school by the grade level deadlines.

What is the timeline and form for recording hours?

Deadlines for submission of the signed verification form are as follows:

  • All families receiving Financial Assistance must complete (12) hours of service by February 10, 2023.
  • All families that do not receive Financial Assistance must complete their hours by March 31, 2023.
  • Families that do not complete the required hours will be charged a surcharge of $400.00 due by March 31, 2023
Parent Service Program Form 2022-2023