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In an effort to ensure that all students have uniform pants and shorts that fit, parents can buy these items through any retailer or any brand. All uniform pants or shorts can only be in khaki or black. Uniform pants and shorts can be pleated or not pleated. No cargo pants or shorts. No denim pants or shorts.

Skirts must be purchased through Dennis Uniform and in SPSV's plaid. ( school code NDDSPV)

Parent Volunteer Service Program at SPSV

The talents and generosity of our student families and guardians bring a depth and spirituality to the Catholic school educational model. Parent volunteer hours are an important way we model Christian service in the family and in our community. While events or opportunities for service hours may seem simple, collectively they make a big difference in the life of our school and the mission we share.

The Read Only Parent Volunteer Calendar has been updated and can be viewed here. View the opportunities and email your preferences.

Every family is expected to complete a minimum of (12) service hours. All parents performing service hours will need to be cleared. Each event will indicate what type of clearance is required.

Public Clearance: Safe Haven Course Email a copy of the completed certificate. This certificate is valid for (3) years.

Public Plus Clearance:Safe Haven Course and DOJ Fingerprinting through Live Scan. Select this link to download a DOJ Live Scan application. Once completed, you will email a copy of the completed application. You will be notified when your clearance has been approved.

We recommend having your fingerprints done at:

The Mail Place
836 Southampton Rd. Benicia, CA
(707) 746-7813
Please email Mrs. Delgado with any questions.


PowerSchool is now available. Access PowerSchool here.

Tuition Aid Data Services

Click here to access TADS online.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued at the conclusion of each quarter / semester.

The semester report card includes academic grades, exam grades and a semester GPA which appears on the student's transcript. The semester grade is the average of two quarter grades and a semester examination.

Quarter 1 report cards will be mailed Wednesday, October 25th.