St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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What is The SPSV Fund?

The SPSV Fund is our annual campaign that runs in conjunction with the school’s fiscal year of July 1st – June 30th. The school’s financial model is designed for tuition to only cover a portion of the annual operating budget. Setting tuition below the actual operating cost offers parents, grandparents, alumni and friends the opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift. Additionally, The SPSV Fund also promotes a more diverse student and faculty population.

How much should we give?

We ask our families to give to the best of their ability and at a level that demonstrates the value placed on an excellent education. The value of leadership level gifts ($500 and above) cannot be underestimated, however, we are appreciative of every single gift, regardless of the amount.

Why is my financial support as a parent so important?

By demonstrating strong parent participation in The SPSV Fund, outside donors and income resources are more inclined to support our school. It is important for them to see our parents supporting St. Patrick – St. Vincent Catholic High School before we ask them for support. Remember – no gift is too small. Participation is what’s important.

Why does SPSV ask for contributions instead of simply increasing tuition?

If our budget was set to over the full 100% cost of educating each student at SPSV, it would require a significant tuition increase. Instead of an increase, SPSV asks every family to contribute a tax-deductible gift to The SPSV Fund, thus reducing each student’s annual tuition cost and encouraging a diverse student population.

How can I make a gift and is it tax-deductible?

Cash gifts may be made by cash/check or by credit card. Please make checks payable to St. Patrick – St. Vincent Catholic High School or contact the Office of Advancement at (707) 644-4425 ext 441.

Gifts of appreciated securities are always welcome and have beneficial tax implications. Gifts can also be pledged by contacting the Office of Advancement at (707) 644-4425 ext 441.

All gifts to St. Patrick – St. Vincent Catholic High School are tax-deductible based on the school’s 501(c)3 charitable status.