St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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Bruins Building On Success

Each year our Development Office, in partnership with the Regents Club, creates community-based fundraising programs for the purpose of supporting an exceptional Catholic High School experience here in the greater Solano area. As a result of these efforts last year, we were able to construct our inspiring and serene new Outdoor Amphitheater, Terraza Dominicana, complete with a curriculum-focused sustainable garden. This year our school is targeting an indoor space in need of modernization, our gym foyer.

The SPSV gym foyer space is used during the school day by SPSV students as well as young members of our community when they participate in Catholic school athletic programs, summer camps and open gym days. The gym also serves as a welcoming space for guests during Open House, Back to School Night and our Annual Crab Feed. We are excited to embark on a renovation of this space which will include new flooring, new paint, new refillable water stations, large screen TVs that stream games and events happening in the gym, concession space and so much more. It’s ambitious and innovative, and best of all, it’s already becoming a reality.

This new campus project begins with a vision and completes when enthusiasm and community support come together. With construction beginning summer 2020, we can make this vision a reality before our next academic year.

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