St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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The heart of the SPSV community is our Catholic faith. Through the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, retreats, leadership development, immersion experiences, and Christian service outreach. Our student life is layered with opportunities to encounter Christ.

While all of our programs are rooted in our rich Catholic tradition, St. Patrick St. Vincent Catholic High School strives for inclusiveness of all faith backgrounds, making sure that every student is able to experience God’s love and community.

Campus Ministry

Helping the SPSV Community to "do justice, love goodness and walk humbly with our God."

Micah 6:8.

Rooted in our rich Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry strives to provide our students, faculty and staff moments to encounter Christ in the everyday. Whether it is on a retreat, during a liturgy or while at a Faith Friday lunch gathering, we encourage our community to open their hearts and minds to how Christ is calling them to build the Kingdom of God.

While all of our programs are shaped by the Catholic Faith, Campus Ministry strives for inclusion of students of all faith traditions, making sure that everyone is able to experience God’s love and community.


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20

The power of prayer and of gathering as a community to celebrate God’s presence within us is an essential part of the spiritual life of our school. Once a month, we gather for either a Eucharistic celebration, the Mass, or a prayer service.

To prepare for these celebrations, Campus Ministry is privileged to train students to lead worship effectively. In conjunction with the Campus Ministry staff, our student leaders prepare every aspect of a liturgy. Members of the Campus Ministry Core Team prepare these liturgies, and students facilitate them.


Retreats help students deepen their relationships with God, begin to grasp their personal spirituality and gain lifelong friendships. St. Patrick St. Vincent Catholic High School provides one-day and overnight retreats for every grade level. Members of the Campus Ministry Core Team plan and lead all retreats in conjunction with alumni, faculty members, our Chaplain, and Campus Ministers.

Service Learning

Supporting our students in putting their faith in action is an integral part of Campus Ministry. Just as Jesus reached out to the poor and marginalized, we call our students to open their minds and hearts to the poor and marginalized in our community. Through the cross-curricular experiences our Service Learning program, we strive to fulfill SPSV’s mission to “develop the next generation of Catholic leaders.”

Send us your prayer intentions

Send us your prayer to St. Patrick and St. Vincent. Campus Ministry will place your written intentions in the chapel and pray for you and with you. They will ask God to grant you the assistance you need through the intercession of Saint Patrick and St. Vincent.

Your invocation will join the community.

Prayer Intentions