St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School

Helping the SPSV Community to "do justice, love goodness and walk humbly with our God."

Micah 6:8.

The heart of the SPSV community is Campus Ministry. Through the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, retreats, leadership development, immersion experiences and Christian service outreach, our student life is layered with opportunities to encounter Christ.

While all of our programs are rooted in our rich Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry strives for inclusiveness of all faith backgrounds, making sure that every student is able to experience God’s love and community.

Send us your prayer intentions.

Send us your prayer to St. Patrick and St. Vincent. Campus Ministry will place your written intentions in the chapel and pray for you and with you. They will ask God to grant you the assistance you need through the intercession of Saint Patrick and St. Vincent.

Your invocation will join the community.

Prayer Intentions