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Every student at SPSV is invited and encouraged to participate in student activities. Clubs and interest groups provide students with a supportive environment of peers with similar interests, and a sense of responsibility to fellow club members.

If you would like to propose a new club for SPSV please print out the form below, fill it out, and give it to the Director of Student Activities, Ms. Balingit.

Club Proposal Form

The following clubs will be offered during the 2019-2020 academic year:

Badminton Club

This is for any student who enjoys playing badminton from a recreational level to a competitive level.

Black Student Union

BSU focuses on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community. In this organization, we want to foster a fun and safe environment that engages our students in discussions on issues affecting the black and surrounding communities. We hope to educate our members and challenge them to take action, whether it be within themselves or out in the community. We lead by example and push students to be their best.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Club

Through various activities this club spreads awareness and understanding throughout the school and donates to organizations such as the American Breast Cancer Foundation through on-campus fundraisers. Additionally, the Breast Cancer Awareness club hosts an annual hair donation event, in which students can participate by cutting and donating their hair to organizations that make wigs for those undergoing cancer treatment which causes hair loss.

California Scholarship Federation

Students qualify for CSF membership based on the total points awarded for semester grades they earn.

Chess Club

Open to students who wish to play or learn to play chess. Strategies are taught/discussed at weekly meetings.

Dance Club

is a space for all who wish to express themselves through dance. There are opportunities provided for students to perform in rallies and to work together for the variety show — along with other opportunities to build community and grow as a club.

Filipino Club

This club showcases the Filipino culture and its history through teachings, activities, and of course, Filipino food!

Flight Club

will meet and discuss many forms of flight such as hang-gliding, paragliding, wingsuits, etc. This club will also study flight by flying model aircraft and drones.

Foodie Club

provides students opportunities to share recipes, cook favorite dishes, dine at local restaurants, cater to school events including the annual Travel Troupe Dinner theater every Fall and host club potluck parties.

Future Nurses Club

partners with North Bay Medical to provide our students with the opportunity to explore careers in the medical field. Students have the opportunity to shadow a nurse, assist staff and patients and attend a week-long summer camp, gaining 4 days of intense hands-on training.


allows students to be exposed to a different type of music they are not used to, in turn, establishing a connection with the culture the music comes from. We want our members to see this club as a fun place to share their interests in Korean music, tv shows, movies, and food with others.

Latino Club

serves to raise cultural awareness and competency to the students at SPSV. Through various events and activities, the Latino Club invites all students to learn more about Latin American culture through food, music, dance, and celebrations.


This is an honor society that promotes art out in the community and on campus. We seek out places that need upgrading "visually" and volunteer our time and talent.


The SPSV Chapter of the National Honor Society is a service organization. Members are chosen by a faculty committee from a list of qualified students with a minimum GPA of 3.5. Members are selected with input from the faculty at large on the basis of leadership, service, and character in addition to the initial scholarship requirement.

PRO Life Club

seeks to promote life at all stages: from the womb to the tomb. The club participates in pro-life activities both inside the school and out in the greater community.

Speak Peace, Take Action

encourages students to be open in their political stance and to respect others' opinions through courteous dialogue and time-honored debate. SPTA aims to help students develop responsible global awareness as a result of choices from our political and social leaders. Speak Peace, Take Action wants students to enrich themselves further so they can understand the world better and be an active member of society so that we can improve the world for the future.

Sports Medicine

This group of students is interested in the medical field. They work directly with the athletes learning how to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injuries. They will also learn first aid and emergency care. Members will be taking trips to different colleges to tour through the athletic facilities and speak to the sports medicine teams.


A student-action group who focus their energies in taking action against issues of social injustice to improve the lives of others.

Student Council

A group of the elected leaders of the Student Body who meet regularly to plan activities, to give service, and to provide a forum for students to present their ideas and concerns.

Student Spirit Club

“The Den” is a student-led club aimed at raising school spirit. Students from all grade levels are welcome to join us in striving for school unity through poster making, face painting, chant leading, and more. It is an amazing opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and help support all of our athletic programs, arts, and other extracurricular activities on campus.

Urban Farmers club

maintains and initiates new projects in the SPSV garden.

The Zen/ Stress Relief Club

provides the students with the opportunity during school hours to unwind and relax from any due stress inside or outside of school. It allows its members to zone out any stress, worries, or emotions — including being overwhelmed with studies, not getting enough sleep or other personal challenges.