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Jesus said, “When you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you (Matthew 6.2).” Service to others is our active worship of God. By volunteering we demonstrate solidarity with our neighbors and find God in the most unusual places! Campus Ministry helps students find unique and interesting volunteer opportunities. The goal of our Christian Service program is to foster in our youth a willing desire to help others and to become actively involved in building the Body of Christ for the rest of their lives.

Program Overview

The program is designed to incorporate the two methodologies of action and reflection and is based on the developmental needs and abilities of the student.


An in-service program focusing on one's gifts and the Christian call to use those gifts in service to others. It is conducted during religion classes in the Fall.


Students complete a minimum of fifteen hours of service at the same site.


Self-initiated group or independent work at one service site (25 hours).


Self-initiated group or independent work at one service site (25 hours).

Summer Option:

Students entering Sophmore, Junior, or Senior year, may complete their service requirement during the summer period.

Beyond the Call of Duty

Students who complete additional service beyond the one project that is required should complete a form and return to the Christian Service box in the religion classrooms.

Approval of Service Projects

The basic requirements for approval of service projects are:

  • Non-profit program.
  • Includes adult supervision.
  • Students are not compensation.
  • Minimum number of visits made to the same place.

Incomplete Christian Service

All Christian Service marks in PowerSchool are indicated as 'Pass/Fail' (P/F).

  • Freshmen must complete and submit Preference Forms to the Christian Service box in religion classrooms by the end of the announced deadlines.
  • Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors must submit Proposal Forms online by the October deadline.
  • Seniors must complete service and submit a Verification Form by the third quarter deadline.

Please refer to the Course Catalog 2014 - 2015 for repercussions of non-completion of service hours.