St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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Your Gift Today Supports Our COVID-19 Emergency Fund

We’ve heard it so often recently: “These are unprecedented times.” “These are extraordinary times.” Yes, they are! We’ve seen unprecedented suffering right in our home communities. We’ve also seen extraordinary heroism and generosity in family members, local health care workers, first responders, and in our teachers. And, it is not over.

We need to continue the mission of our school and that takes resources. If the Lord has blessed you, the time is now to continue that generosity. Let any gift be a gift of gratitude to God for his generosity to you, and His mercy and protection for you and your family. And, if you don’t really need that stimulus check, would you consider it a gift to help our COVID-19 Emergency Fund and help provide tuition assistance to a student whose family is experiencing financial hardship?

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