St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School
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Host an International Student

GPhomestay is looking for outstanding families in the Vallejo area. We will have international students from China studying at Saint Patrick-Saint Vincent Catholic High School during the upcoming school year. If you have a spare bedroom and are interested in fostering a lifelong connection, please apply today! Click here go to the application.

The family does not necessarily need to have a child currently enrolled at St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School. Any family within a thirty minute radius from the school is eligible to apply.

All hosts receive a $1,300 stipend per month to help support families in this endeavor. Students come to SPSV with the intention of receiving a high school diploma and ultimately hope to enroll in an American college or university. The students will have their own insurance and spending money. The host family should speak English at home and ensure that the student eats three nutritious meals per day. The family must also provide a room for exclusive use by the student. Being able to involve the student in family events and activities is a big plus. The host opportunity is contracted on a yearly basis (10 months).

The Cambridge Institute and their sister company, GPhomestay, supports all hosts with monthly check-ins to ensure they are receiving the support necessary for this endeavor. They also support the students tremendously by conducting monthly check-ins with each student, and plan and organize quarterly events throughout the academic year (which could entail visiting colleges). GPhomestay ensures that students are doing well socially as well as academically.

Contact GPHomestay or (781)996-0429 for more information, or fill out the Host Inquiry Form

For additional information contact Val Cook