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St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School provides technology resources to students, faculty and staff to promote the advancement of our mission as a diocesan Catholic college preparatory high school.

iPad Program

St. Patrick-St Vincent Catholic High School fully understands that integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs in a separate computer class. Effective integration of technology must happen across the curriculum through active engagement, collaborative work, and frequent interaction and feedback by teachers and peers. Effective technology integration is achieved when technology supports curricular goals. Therefore, to support the curriculum, new students will have an iPad provided by the school for use in the classroom.

iPad FAQs

Why iPad?

The iPad has a number of design features which make it a perfect choice for the classroom: extensive battery life, portability, slim design with touchscreen allows drawing as well as typing, and high quality apps and ebooks available on the IOS software platform. Currently the App Store offers more than 20,000 educational apps in all subject areas. eBooks are readily available and often free when in the public domain. eTextbooks often cost much less than their print counterparts, and include interactive materials and teaching tools which a print book does not provide.

Are families expected to purchase an iPad?

No. Students entering SPSV will have an iPad provided by the school.

Do I need WiFi at home?

The school has pervasive WiFi coverage throughout the entire campus. SPSV strongly recommends that families purchase WiFi service for home.

Can I use an iPad I already own?

No. Students entering SPSV will have an iPad provided by the school.

What happens if the iPad gets lost or stolen?

Students will be required to pay a deductible fee for a broken, lost, or stolen iPad.

How do I purchase iPad insurance?

Students iPads have AppleCare coverage included with their device for a period of three years. Families may want to purchase additional insurance to cover damage, loss, or theft in the fourth year of attending SPSV.